Mobile X-ray Mercury XM5600


High power

The high frequency generator provides up to 150kVp, 500mA that, with the 140KHU x-ray tube, is powerful enough to shoot through most patients. XM5600 Mobile 40kW Digital X-ray System provides independent power for exposure control system reducing power drain and allowing for increased productivity.

Reliable solution

Better than bring the patient with limited mobility to the radiography room, you can bring the radiography room to the patient using this mobile solution.

For technologist's comfort, touch-screen allows the technologist to simply select the study and automatically program the generator to the correct technique. With storage areas for all that a technologist needs during a mobile examination, the X-ray System is an invaluable resource for the technologist.     

Easy positioning

With large wheels easily tackles typical facility obstacles. 40kW Digital X-ray System is simple to control and drive while minimizing the amount of force required by the technologist.