Pulse Oximeter Mars XP10

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The Mars XP10 pulse oximeter is used to determine the degree of oxygen saturation of the patient's hemoglobin and heart rate by finger, in case of dysfunction of self-regulation of organs, postoperative injuries and injuries received during a medical checkup.

Field of application:

A pulse oximeter can be used to measure the oxygen saturation of a patient's hemoglobin and heart rate on a finger. The device is applicable at home, hospital, oxygen bars, public medical organizations, for medical examinations during sports (allowed before or after sports activities. It is not recommended to use during sports activities), etc.

Product features:

• Working with the device is simple and convenient.

• The device has a small size and weight, easy to carry. The power consumption of the device is negligible.

• Indication of SpO2.

• Indication of heart rate.

• Indication of the pulse shape.

• Low voltage indication: A low voltage indication appears before the device malfunctions due to low voltage.

• Auto power off function: when the device makes changes, it will automatically power off within 5 seconds if the patient's finger is not in the probe for measurement.

• The view mode can be changed.

• The brightness of the screen can be changed.

• SpO2 (patient's hemoglobin oxygen saturation) and pulse rate values ​​can be saved.